This exhibit includes materials related to the long-running case of Washington v. United States, which addresses tribal fishing rights in Washington state. The case was originally assigned to Judge George Boldt, and after he issued his first ruling in the matter in 1974 the case became known as the Boldt decision.

This collection includes digitized copies of print briefs from the Gallagher Law Library's collection related to the many proceedings stemming from that original 1970 case. To view the collection by individual proceeding or to keyword search within the briefs, visit the Washington Tribal Treaties and Fishing Rights collection on the UW Law Digital Commons repository. The collection on Digital Commons also includes briefs from other (non-Boldt) tribal fishing rights cases in Washington.

Puget Sound Gillnetters Ass'n v. United States District Court: Appellee's Brief (1978)
Boldt Briefs: 9th Circuit
The Personal Impact of the Boldt Case: A Tribute to Professor William H. Rodgers, Jr. (2007)
Relevant Law Review Articles
Treaty with the Nisqualli, Puyallup, Etc. 1854 (Treaty of Medicine Creek)
Treaties with Tribes in Washington State
United States v. Washington: Brief of Appellee Tribes (1984)
Boldt Briefs: U.S. Supreme Court