34th Annual Indian Law Symposium


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Spring 4-21-2022


Presenter: Bree Black Horse

Topic: General Terms

Restatement Sections: Sec. 1 – Indian, Sec. 2 – Indian Tribe, and Sec. 3 – Indian Country

Timestamp: 0:01:58

Presenter: Matthew Campbell

Topic: Federal Trust Relationship and Claims for Breach of Trust

Restatement Sections: Sec. 4 General Federal Trust Relationship with Indian Tribes and Individual Indians and Sec. 10 – Suits by Indian Tribes Against the United States Under the Tucker Act

Timestamp: 0:26:26

Presenter: Michalyn Steele

Topic: American Indian Treaty Law

Restatement Sections: Sec. 5 – Indian Treaties with Indian Tribes and Sec. 6 – Canons of Construction of Indian Treaties

Timestamp: 0:55:33

Presenter: Kirsten Carlson

Topic: Federal Legislation – American Indian Legislative Advocacy

Restatement Sections: Sec. 7 – Congressional Authority, Sec. 8 – Canon of Construction of Indian-Affairs Statutes, and Sec. 9 – Political Status Classification

Timestamp: 1:18:30