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The American Association of Law Libraries Scholarship and Grants Program may not have reached its age of majority, but it is a well developed teenager. Like other teenagers, there has been some confusion over its activities. Thus, some explanation is merited here for a better understanding of its purpose and selection procedures than has been possible through the year-after-year announcement of names of donors and recipients. Probably even those who attended an institute or convention under the sponsorship of the program understand little more than that their checks arrived shortly before the meeting date and gave them real financial assistance which made the trips possible.

The basic purpose of the program is to give financial assistance to people who have proven or who possess potential ability in law librarianship and who show promise of future usefulness and permanence in the profession. The list of recipients is a record of the fulfillment of this purpose. The contribution of the program to AALL is evident through the participation of these recipients in its activities.