The New Copyright Manifesto: A Roadmap for Racial Justice


Kevin J. Green


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Distinguished Roger L. Shidler Lecture




UW Law's 2022 Distinguished Shidler lecturer, Professor Kevin J. Greene of Southwestern Law School, explored how music industry practices, and the structure and function of copyright law, replicate inequality and the rampant appropriation of the creative works of Black artists. Many of the performers and composers behind legacy Black music have never been compensated despite widespread understanding of their formative influence on the art and the industry. In this presentation, Greene explored how copyright law doctrine has fostered the divestment of Black cultural production through the lens of "the seven deadly sins" of copyright law for Black artists, with a particular focus on two copyright law formalities: copyright registrations and copyright terminations. Greene proposed a ten-point plan and challenge the U.S. Copyright Office to take a leading role in the project to close the racial justice gap in copyright and the entertainment industry.

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