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The Tech Policy Lab at the University of Washington has become a leading source for tech policy research and education and an indispensable resource to local, national, and international policymakers. In its seven-year history, the Lab has built a strong network and increased credibility that allows us to work directly with policymakers, publish research and guides on emerging technologies, and provide opportunities for the public to learn from experts. The last two years found not only our state, but our nation and the world in a time of great uncertainty. American society strives to reconcile centuries of racial and other injustice even as it faces down a global pandemic. The insights and expertise of the Tech Policy Lab mean that we can—and must—step up to address technology’s role in these vital issues to continue to achieve our mission of helping policymakers generate wiser, more inclusive tech policy. At the same time, the Lab had to adapt and find new ways to engage remotely. The Lab has shown the ability to be nimble, experimental, and deep. In these last two years, these unique attributes have positioned the Lab to engage the demands of our times.

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University of Washington School of Law, Tech Policy Lab




Internet Law | Science and Technology Law

2021 Biennial Report