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This report was written by Kohei Nakabō and translated into English by Yohei Suda.


Based on the Judicial Reform Council's article, "Points at Issue in Judicial Reform," this paper analyzes basic issues regarding the current status of the Japanese attorney system and areas to be addressed in judicial reform. [This Article formed the basis of Mr. Nakabō's report at the thirteenth meeting of the Judicial Reform Council on February 22, 2000. It was originally published as the second part of a two part paper in SERIES JUDICIAL REFORM I: [LEGAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: THE LAW SCHOOL CONCEPT] (2000). The first part of the paper was translated in Kohei Nakabō, Judicial Reform and the State of Japan's Attorney System: A Discussion of Attorney Reform Issues and the Future of the Judiciary, 10 PAC. RIM. L. & POL'Y J. 623 (2001).]

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