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The staff of the Washington International Law Journal presents the first installment of Volume 27. Until recently, the Washington International Law Journal was the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal and was limited to the Pacific Rim and related law and policy. The Journal’s scope expanded in Volume 24 to include all international, foreign, and comparative law topics. While the Journal continues to publish content from around the globe, we are excited to feature articles true to our Pacific Rim roots in this symposium edition on East Asian court reform. Each article in this symposium applies the framework Malcom M. Feeley presented in his seminal book, Court Reform on Trial: Why Simple Solutions Fail. Feeley’s framework identifies five stages of court reform: diagnosis, initiation, implementation, routinization, and evaluation. The authors in the symposium utilize this framework to assess the successes and failures of court reform in East Asia. Daniel H. Foote, Matthew J. Wilson, Erik Herber, Setsuo Miyazawa, and Mari Hirayama share insights into various attempts at court reform in Japan. Yong Chul Park analyzes court reform efforts in South Korea, while Kai-Ping Su discusses efforts in Taiwan. Finally, Margaret Y.K. Woo examines court reform in China.

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