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The staff of the Washington International Law Journal presents the second installment of Volume 27. Until recently, the Washington International Law Journal was the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal and was limited to the Pacific Rim and related law and policy. The Journal’s scope expanded in Volume 24 to include all international, foreign, and comparative law topics. This issue seeks to merge our traditional Pacific Rim focus with articles and comments addressing a wide range international and foreign law topics. First, readers can explore the regional strategies, norms, institutions, and politics behind various international investment treaties with an article by Diane Desierto. Second, Trevor Ryan and Wendy Bonython provide readers with an overview of dementia-related tort liability in the civil and common law jurisdictions, offering meaningful recommendations for such liability moving forward. Third, Ernest Caldwell offers a meaningful analysis of transitional justice legislation in Taiwan both before and during the Tsai Administration. And finally, Venetia Argyropoulou provides insight into whether the European Union is to blame for acts of financial distress taking place in the Union.

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