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Securities Regulation in the APEC Countries is the first phase of the University of Washington's APEC Comparative Commercial Law Project. The Project is a joint initiative on the part of the Comparative Commercial Law Institute and the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal of the University of Washington School of Law to provide a comparative survey of current legal issues and developments of commercial and trade law in APEC countries. The Project's broad goals are: (1) to initiate a dialogue among legal scholars and working professionals with respect to these issues and developments; (2) to provide policy analysis and recommendations in respect of important areas of APEC trade and commerce law; and (3) to emphasize the importance of law as a foundation for APEC cooperation. With the support of the Institute, the Journal will publish a special symposium edition from 1995 to 2000. Each symposium will be dedicated to the comparative analysis of an important area of commercial or trade law in APEC countries. It is our hope that symposia contributors will be comprised of leading academics and professionals from a cross-section of APEC countries. Although the Project will focus on the analysis of legal issues, the multidisciplinary and policy-related aspects of these issues will also be emphasized. The Project will thus provide a broader understanding of the different legal structures of each country as well as the political, cultural, social, and economic factors that shape them.

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