Washington Law Review


S. H. Kelleran


The State Bar Act, adopted in 1933, vests in the Board of Governors the power to adopt rules, subject to the approval of the Supreme Court, fixing the qualifications, requirements and procedure for admission to the practice of law, and vests in it also the power to appoint boards or committees to examine applicants for admission. Under the authority of that act, the Board of Governors has adopted such rules, which have been duly approved. Except as they provide for admission in Washington upon a showing of admission and practice in another state, these rules require an examination, under direction of the board, to be conducted by a committee composed of three active members of the State Bar. The existing rules provide for examinations to be held on the third Tuesday of January and of July, in each year, at the Law Building of the University of Washington, at Seattle, unless the Board of Governors shall designate a different time and place. There are two sessions each day, for three days, from 9:00 A. M. to noon and from 1:30 to 4:30 P. M. So far, it is believed, there has been no deviation from this rule. It is the purpose here merely to indicate something of the process of admission upon examination, and some of the considerations upon which that process is founded.

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