Washington Law Review


H. E.T. Herman


Mr. Chairman, Mr. Rupp, and ladies and gentlemen. It is always nice to be greeted by an editor. When the address of welcome comes from an editor, you just sort of feel that there is something pontifical about it, and you just feel that the man who serves as editor of the paper should know whereof he speaks and that he has the authority to extend the welcome. But in this instance it is doubly nice to be welcomed by the man who delivered the address because he is not only an editor but he is what every lawyer admires and likes—he's a second generation lawyer. He is not only a second generation lawyer but he is a student; he's given to research; he has progressed to such an extent in the representation of his class and in achieving professional eminence that that very erudite gentleman and very efficient lawyer who used to be known as Mrs. Rupp's husband is now known as John Rupp's father.

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