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In a moment of weakness if not temporary mental aberration I agreed to take on the job of Vice-Chairman of the American Bar Association Section on Judicial Administration for the fiscal year 1950-1951, with a commitment to be Chairman for the next fiscal year which begins this month. That was before I got into the trial of one of those anti-trust cases but it was an ill-advised move. Having undertaken the duties of Chairman, however, I am going to try to do the best job I can. And I have resolved that for the coming year wherever I go and befall what may I shall keep harping on judicial administration from morning till night. And I don't mind telling you that I expect to get a lot of fun out of doing this. I have spent forty odd years kicking around courtrooms and lecture rooms learning about judicial administration largely through the seat of my pants and then passing whatever I learned along to the students and I understand something about the problems involving this and the difficulties to be surmounted.

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