Washington Law Review


John Burrill Sholley's sudden death on October 9th ended all too soon the productive career of a scholar and teacher. Born in Minneapolis September 12, 1902, he had his early-pre-law education at the University of Minnesota. He entered the Law School of the University of Washington in 1929 and after a brilliant record graduated with honors in 1932. The following fall he went to Stanford University Law School for graduate work but interrupted his study after a few months, in order to accept an offer from the University of Washington Law School to become a member of its faculty. He began his teaching in January of 1933 and remained here continuously except for one year of graduate law study at the University of Chicago where he received his doctor's degree in 1937 and for the period from 1942-45, during World War II, when he was on leave of absence from the University to serve as price attorney for the district office of Price Administration.

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