Washington Law Review


How appropriately the editors of this review have elected to dedicate some of its pages to honor a distinguished lawyer and judge whose legal career has closely paralleled the history of the publication itself. The name of Charles Horowitz appears on the masthead of the first two volumes, first as member and then as president of its editorial board. In later years, he has written for the Review, citing and analyzing decisions of the courts on which he later sat. That other Review authors have not always agreed with him will neither shock, wound, nor surprise him. After all, the initials "C.H.," matching no other student's name on the Review's masthead at the time, identify the author of two notes in the volume for which he served as president of the board, and the conclusion reached in both is that the court arrived at an erroneous decision. There is no reason to believe that after years of experience in practice and on the bench, he would deal differently with a legal opinion. There is, however, reason to believe that at the time he was in law school, he could not have foreseen the types of problems with which he was later forced to come to grips as a judge on this state's court of appeals and supreme court.

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