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Back to the Crib?


First, let me note that this Rembe Lecture honors Toni Rembe, Esq., a distinguished graduate of this law school, class of 1960. Toni and I knew each other as fellow students and members of the Washington Law Review, since I was class of 1959. After graduating here, she took a Master of Laws in taxation at New York University in 1961. Then she joined the premier San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, where she has long been the head of the tax law division. Toni, who is a Seattle native, has maintained her ties to this city. Among her other honors and positions, she is a director of Safeco Insurance Company. Also, let me thank Toni's husband, Arthur Rock, for making it possible for us to honor her today. He is a leading—we can without exaggeration say "famous"—San Francisco venture capitalist, whose generous gift funds the Rembe Lectureship.

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