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From the Dean (noting the passing of Professor Emeritus Richard O. Kummert), page 1

Law School News

  • Robert Aronson's Legacy at UW Law (retired in Dec. 2011), pages 2-4, photos
  • Professor Anita Ramasastry Returns to UW Law Campus after International Trade Administration Appointment, pages 5-6, photo
  • Latest News from Sr. Fulbright Scholar Professor Beth Rivin, page 7, photo
  • UW Law's Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Promotes Economic Development by Facilitating Entrepreneurship, pages 7-9
  • Tech Law Clinic: The Intersection of Public Policy and High Tech, pages 10-11

Carol Fuller '54: Mentoring Maven, pages 12-15, photos

From Court to Court: Plummer Lott '74, pages 16-19, photos

Trains, Planes & Plaintiffs: Wm. Fremming Nielsen '63, pages 20-23, photos

On the Road Again: Marco Hernandez '86, pages 24-27, photos

Remember When . . . Campus Police Wore Full Riot Gear?, by Theresa Chemnick, pages 29-31, photos

Faculty & Firm (Steve Fury and Joel Ngugi co-found Justice Advocacy Africa and collaborate with Professor Maureen Howard), pages 32-33, photos

Books & Beyond: Bringing Washington Constitutional Research to Your Computer, by Mary Whisner, pages 34-35

In the Spotlights (events and alumni), pages 36-41

A Law Degree in Action: Mary Pavel '92, pages 42-43, photo

A Law Degree in Action: Steven Kim '00, pages 44-45, photos

Recent Faculty News (publications and presentations), pages 46-54

Class Notes: Personal and Professional News from Alumni, pages 55-57

The Different Class of 1974, by Susan Sampson '74 (affirmative action, Marco DeFunis), pages 58-60, photos

In Memoriam, pages 61-62

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