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Explanatory Note: In 1999, the Japanese government established the Justice System Reform Council and charged that Council with “clarifying the role to be played by justice in Japanese society” and examining and deliberating measures necessary to realize an appropriate system. The Council met from 1999 through 2001. In its final report it recommended major reforms to numerous aspects of the justice system, many of which were achieved (including the enactment of over twenty significant pieces of legislation, along with a wide range of reforms that did not require legislative action). In 2000, as the Reform Council was embarking work on its interim report, the leading Japanese law journal Jurisuto invited a group of authors to provide essays on the theme “What I desire for the justice system.” This was my contribution to that collection of essays. The essay appeared in Japanese. I composed most of the draft in Japanese, with quotes and some other portions originally in English, which I then translated into Japanese. I later prepared this draft in English, so I could send it to Judge Gignoux’s widow, my co-clerk, and a few others.



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