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University of Illinois Law Review

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In preparation for this symposium piece, Professor Rodgers asked a number of his colleagues active in the field of environmental law to identify what they considered to be the most creative moments in the history of environmental law. He gave no specific instructions with his request other than providing a definition of what he considered to be a creative moment: "A legal initiative that advances environmental law with a new level of analysis, new structure, or new institutional bridge. "

This article is a compilation of the numerous responses the author received. The responses formulate a detailed and informative description of many aspects of the history and development of environmental law.

To organize the piece, Professor Rodgers separates the creative moments into nine categories: risk-takers, mimics, optimists, symbolists, geniuses, subversives, leveragers and opportunists, paradigm shifters, and workaholics.. He then concludes the article with a list of the ten most creative moments in the history of environmental law.



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