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There are indications that the depression, which has burdened us for the past five years, is slowly receding. In its wake will doubtless follow renewed prosperity with all the blessings of peace and contentment. A freedom from financial worry will replace the present fear, and money will be more plentifully earned and freely expended.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the problems encountered during this economic cycle will be soon forgotten. Will the members of the legal profession and the law libraries return to their former policies of, what has appeared to be, uncontrolled and ill-advised purchasing of the multitude of books printed for the so-called use of the profession? Will the publishing companies continue to produce law books at their former or even their present rate? If there be no change in either of these policies, the lessons of the present depression will have been learned in vain, and a foundation will have been laid for a return engagement of the same destructive forces which have strangled library growth for the past few years.

It would seem, in retrospect of the night which is passing, and in the light of the dawn of the new day which is before us, that there is need of a New Deal for law libraries, and for a planned economy on the part of those who are entrusted with the responsibility of their funds. To that end, the following discussion is directed.



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