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Washington Law Review and State Bar Journal

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Of particular importance to a law librarian, but not without interest to the lawyer and student alike, are the bibliographical data and desiderata which pertain to the legal publications of their immediate locale. Through such desiderata, facts, which frequently may be quite unknown or which may have been overlooked, are brought to light and preserved for future interpretative research. Oftentimes, the circumstances surrounding these publications may be unknown or may not have attracted attention because of their common character and daily use. Oftentimes, also, the user may have been too close to them to perceive any peculiarities of imprint, pagination or form.

The documentary history of Washington is measured by the half century of statehood which has just passed, to which must be added the territorial period of the thirty-five years preceding. Although this is relatively but a brief space of time, it has been sufficient to produce many documents of legal significance, all of which are circumscribed by numerous salient facts not infrequently overlooked, if actually they are known. From among these desiderata the following notes are offered for present recollection and future remembrance.



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