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Law Library Journal


Miles O. Price

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Miles 0. Price was not a man possibly to be forgotten. His record of published scholarship and professional achievement will live beyond those who respected him as a colleague and mentor and cherished him as a friend. That record is conspicuous and monumental. In addition, he left us a less conspicuous record, footprints discernible in the variety of his influence over the law library profession and in the foundations he laid for its members' individual and collective accomplishments. Some of those footprints have been traced, in this issue of the Law Library Journal, by his close associates. The following recounts only a portion of the record that appeared in this Journal during the years he served the American Association of Law Libraries, its members, and their patrons.

It has to be acknowledged that this is a faint tracing, even a badly broken one, compared to the known imprint this man made on professional minds and human hearts; it should have been expected, however, that a quarterly journal could not record every task accomplished and every problem solved by this most active of association members, nor, through the partial record, reflect adequately his colorful personality and magnetic charm.

A selection of LLJ references by and about Miles 0. Price nevertheless seems likely to contribute something to an accounting of the debt the profession owes him.



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