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This article is intended to rebut several of Mr. Brakel's key assertions and to emphasize the wellestablished right of Indians to maintain their own courts. Each of the authors has had extensive contact and experience working with Indian courts. Mr. Collins is associated with the Native American Rights Fund. He formerly had many contacts with Indian courts when he practiced law on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Professor Johnson, who has taught law at the University of Washington School of Law for twenty-one years, has for the past six years been an instructor in the National American Indian Court Judges Association's American Indian court judges training program. Kathy Imig Perkins has been associated with the National American Indian Court Judges Association since 1970, has participated in the growth and development of the training program for Indian court judges, and has witnessed the careful development by these judges of a court system that can form an integral part of the future of the American Indian people.



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