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Washington Law Review


Robert L. Fletcher

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How would you best describe Robert L. Fletcher, I asked my colleagues. He is, they said, thoughtful, a man of integrity, a delightful and companionable gentleman, sincere of purpose, hard-working, reliable, exceedingly thorough, a respected scholar and teacher. By habit he examines all aspects of a proposal before acting on it, reserves judgment until "all the evidence is in." Reputedly he enjoys ferreting out arcane future interests that violate the Rule Against Perpetuities in trust and real estate documents. Bob Fletcher practiced law for nine years in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, before entering teaching in 1956. Before that he was an officer in the U.S. Navy three and a half years during the Second World War, serving as an engineer and flight tester in the lighter-than-air branch at Lakehurst, New Jersey. He received his LL.B. degree from Stanford Law School in 1947.



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