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Washington Law Review



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This article will briefly describe the events that followed the signing of the International Convention for High Seas Fisheries of the North Atlantic Ocean (the Tripartite Treaty) and the recent negotiations attempting to replace or modify that treaty. After describing the current state of negotiations between Japan and the United States, the article will then examine several key issues that form the focal points of the disagreement.

Was Japan coerced into signing the Tripartite Treaty in 1952? What is the meaning of the Protocol and the abstention line at longitude 1750 W.? What is the standing of the abstention principle in international law? What are the policy arguments for and against abstention, especially in the North Pacific?' What will happen if the Tripartite Treaty is abrogated and what then would be the effect of the 1958 Geneva Convention on Fishing? And finally, what effect might Korean entry into the North Pacific fishery have on the relationship of Japan, Canada and the United States?



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