The Literature Labyrinth of Nuclear Power: A Bibliography

Penny Hazelton, University of Washington School of Law


In 1958 an excellent bibliography on legislation, regulation, and the radiation and medical aspects of atomic energy was published with the goal of assembling "as much introductory and guidance material on the topic of atomic energy and the law as was feasible . . ." When attempting to bring these useful source materials up to date, it soon became evident that a lifetime project would be required to add a mere twenty years of publication to an already extensive bibliography! Consequently, three areas of concentration have been selected for this bibliography on the legal aspects of nuclear power.

The first part is a survey of the basic sources available to a person researching a problem on nuclear power. Three forms are discussed—bibliographies, U.S. government publications, and current awareness materials. The second portion is a selection of significant books on nuclear power and the law published since 1960. The third and final portion is a subject arrangement of law review articles published between 1957 and 1975. Used in conjunction with Atomic Energy and the Law: A Bibliography and Blueprint for Atomic Energy Literature: Legislative and Legal, this survey and bibliography will give the researcher a lead to the materials available on the law and nuclear power.