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On June 13-15, 2014 the Second National Symposium on Experiential Educa­tion in Law took place in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Alliance for Experi­ential Learning in Law and Elon University School of Law hosted the symposium, with the support of Northeastern University School of Law. Presenters included professors and practitioners across multiple disciplines, in­cluding business, medicine, and architecture, and they shared their insights about the value of experiential education in their fields. Working from the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law also presented their findings and distributed a set of working papers, which eventually culminated into this report. The report covers research in six areas of experiential warning, including defining a vision and mission for the experiential education movement, track­ing the developing rhetoric of experiential education, studying cost and sus­tainability measures for experiential legal education, integrating experiential warning into the law school curriculum, establishing creative initiatives at law schools, and integrating with the profession.



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