#MeToo, Asian American women, mirrortocracy, discrimination

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This Article focuses on how Asian American women innovators of the #MeToo generation are disrupting the code of conduct in the tech industry. The code is hard-wired into the tech bro culture of mirrortocracy, resulting in hiring practices that perpetuate existing company demographics and statistics that show that Asian American women face 2.91 times the disadvantage compared to white women. In addition, of all gender and racial groups, Asian American female innovators are the least likely to become executives. This Article identifies and explains how these innovators are the disruptors on several fronts. Utilizing everything from judicial means to traditional and social media platforms, the disruptors expose the other elephant in the valley—the intersectionality of discrimination on the basis of race and gender. The innovators’ disruption paves a new path for a solution rooted in both legal and business. The future of competition depends on women in the United States, which includes Asian American women. Therefore, now is the time for the tech industry to commit to eliminating the tech bro culture of mirrortocracy and actively increase the number of Asian American women innovators and leaders in the industry



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