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The members of the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal are to be congratulated for their initiative, compassion, and insight in calling attention to the August 26, 2001 M/V Tampa incident and subjecting the actions of the involved principals and the governing legal regime to close and thoughtful scrutiny. Planning for the April 22, 2002 symposium in Seattle began in the fall of 2001, shortly after the Tampa's week-long crisis involving 438 migrants garnered international attention. Speakers for the Symposium conference, recruited under the leadership of the Journal's 2001-2002 Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Thomas, hailed from Australia, Europe and throughout the United States. Two key student papers published in an earlier issue of the Journal provided essential background information and analysis of the maritime' and refugee law issues raised by the incident. Through their efforts over the past year and a half, the members of the Journal have clearly distinguished this publication as a progressive forum for legal and policy questions affecting the Pacific Rim. It was my pleasure to work with them in bringing the project to fruition.



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