Land Recovery in Vietnam, Eminent Domain Compensation, Resettlement, Compulsory Purchase, Condemnation

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Land recovery in Vietnam is the process of compulsory transfer of land use rights from the hands of land users to the hands of the State by way of local government agencies. Land recovery frequently raises issues of compensation, assistance, and resettlement. It is vital for affected land users and the general public to have access to reports on land recovery, compensation, and resettlement. The article describes a limited survey of Vietnamese people whose land was subject to government recovery and evaluates their access to and understanding of information at each stage of the land recovery process. The study revealed a number of weaknesses in the communication process between land users and state entities when government agencies recover property for public purposes. The article makes specific recommendations meant to balance the interests of the state, investors, and people subject to land recovery, and to ensure democracy and implementation of the Vietnamese public’s right to oversight and accountability.



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