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English-Japanese: The Dictionary of Anglo-American Law, published by the University of Tokyo Press, represents a tremendous achievement. Its publication in 1991 culminated a'seven-year effort in which more than fifty leading Japanese scholars actively participated. These included specialists in a wide range of fields, not just professors of Anglo-American law. The effort was overseen-and a heavy share of the work borne by-a seven-member Editorial Committee, which held more than 150 meetings in the process of preparing the dictionary. Based on accounts I have received from many of the professors who participated in the project, however, it is clear that the completion of the dictionary is in very large part the direct result of the dedication and efforts of one man: the late Professor Hideo Tanaka, the chair of the Editorial Committee.

Japanese-English: As mentioned above, the Dictionary of Anglo-American Law contains a fairly extensive Japanese-English index of equivalents. On the Japanese to English front, though, I find another recent development even more exciting: publication of a new set of translations of legal terms, compiled by the Ministry of Justice.