Show the Story: The Power of Visual Advocacy

Show the Story: The Power of Visual Advocacy



When you litigate a case, you know every detail intimately. You know your client, you've seen their injuries at the worst, you've been to the accident scene, and commiserated with the witnesses. The mediator, the judge, the jury—they have nothing more than the series of words you string together. That is, unless, you Show the Story. In this ground breaking work by attorney William Bailey and trial consultant Robert Bailey, you'll learn to create compelling visual presentations and make your cases come alive. This is more than a simple posterboard or powerpoint slide. It's learning how to tell a story in pictures—presenting the setting, the defendant, the actions, and the defendant's choices in images. What happened, and when did it happen?

The authors explain how to get the judge to allow your graphic presentation, with extensive discussions about what meets the standards for evidence. You'll learn how to work with a graphic arts professional in getting the right information to the artist, and when and how to involve your client. You'll also learn strategies for making sure your story in pictures gets in to the jurors' and decision makers' heads—and stays there—throughout the trial and into deliberations.

This masterpiece on visual communication teaches you to think in pictures, then present those pictures in a compelling way to your audience. Filled with examples, presentations used in actual cases, and step-by-step instructions, Show the Story is your key to becoming an effective visual communicator in the courtroom and in conferences. -- Publisher's description



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Show the Story: The Power of Visual Advocacy

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