Washington International Law Journal


Alison G. Jones


The Australian greyhound racing industry is capitalizing on newly emerging markets in countries such as China and South Korea. The industry's drive to profit from promoting greyhound racing in these countries has put the welfare of greyhounds at risk. By exporting these dogs to China and South Korea, Australia is violating the spirit and general intent of its own animal cruelty laws, which guard against the type of animal abuse that occurs largely unchecked in those countries. Therefore, Australia should put an end to such exports as soon as possible. Under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ("GATT"), Australia may enact regulations that effectively combat animal cruelty without overly obstructing free trade between nations. Even if there is a risk of GATT inconsistency, it is unlikely that either China or Korea would challenge an Australian restriction on greyhound exports. Australia should not be deterred from addressing this issue by its international trade obligations under the GATT.

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