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Nobuhiko Sugiura wrote the article and Jean J. Luyat translated it into English.


The following is a translation of Electronic Money and the Law: Legal Realities and Future Challenges, an essay written by Professor Nobuhiko Sugiura in the August 1, 2008 issue of the Japanese periodical Jurisuto. Stored-value cards are growing rapidly in urban areas in Japan, to a degree where they are beginning to challenge cash as a primary method of payment. In this article, Professor Sugiura outlines the growth of stored-value cards, how stored-value cards should be defined, legal structures that currently regulate stored-value cards, and how growth and technological development are likely to affect that legal structure. As Japan’s takes a leadership position in the field, Professor Sugiura’s article provides useful insight into Japanese regulation and how the Japanese are likely to address future legal challenges.

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