Washington International Law Journal


Drawing on field data, this Article reviews the experiences of visually impaired and deaf students (VIDS) in select universities in Kenya. The paper argues that, unlike able bodied students, these learners face discrimination in these institutions. The Article focuses on three spaces where VIDS are excluded: the admission process, the learning, and the examination environments. To counter the unfair treatment, the paper proposes three solutions that VIDS and stakeholders should consider. These are consistent with legal requirements on access to education by VIDS. Firstly, course instructors should be robustly engaged with. Further, universities should provide adequate and timely information should be provided to these learners. Finally, universities should invest in facilities that will promote the fundamental right to education. The piece concludes with the proposition that duty bearers need to do more in order to safeguard the legal entitlements due to VIDS.

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