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This book represents the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal's continuing commitment to the publication of important and innovative discourse on issues of relevance to the Pacific Rim community. The Editorial Board's decision to publish this issue is especially timely in light of the rapid growth and interdependence of world trade and competition. The articles in this special issue are the result of a Project on Competition and Trade Policy: Europe, Japan and the United States, which was sponsored by the University of Washington Asian Law Program and the Chuo University Comparative Law Institute. The authors are leading academicians and economists with expertise in international or comparative antitrust law and trade policies. The articles in this issue substantially reflect the materials presented by the authors at the Project's Port Ludlow Workshop, held in March 1994. In some cases, the original workshop papers did not provide comprehensive citations to authority. The Journal staff, with the assistance of the authors, has attempted to provide substantiation where appropriate. The reader is advised that while the accuracy of the citations has generally been checked by the Journal staff, in a few cases original non-English source materials could not be obtained. Thus, the reader should accept the accuracy of foreign citations with a slight degree of caution. Ultimately, the value of the papers should derive from their innovative analysis and discussion of proposals for an international antitrust policy.

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