Washington Law Review


Ewing D. Colvin


We again urge all members of the Bar who are interested in curbing the unauthorized practice of the law to submit to the local committee or to the general committee all competent evidence that they might have showing any instance of unauthorized practice. We merely urge that the lawyer submitting the instances be sure that he gives us evidence or facts and not merely rumors, upon which we can at least open communication with the parties in question. If for any reason a lawyer would be embarrassed if it became known that he was making such reports, the committee gives assurance that his name will not be divulged; that the information forwarded will be used to make direct contact with the party in question and endeavor to convince him of the evil of his ways. In this method real results have been accomplished. If this does not produce results, then more drastic steps may be taken when the evidence is strong and clear and action had without violating professional confidences. The success of the efforts of this committee will be measured entirely by the extent of the cooperation and support it receives from the members of the Bar.

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