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It is now nearly three years since the Washington Annotations to the Restatement of Contracts was published. During this interval several developments have taken place. The Contracts Restatement has received an ever-increasing recognition from both courts and practitioners throughout the country. Such recognition was perhaps inevitable in view of the eminence and ability of the men who formulated the propositions set out in the Restatement. It is the product of much labor, by Professor Williston and his fellow reporters, and by the distinguished judges, attorneys and teachers who constitute the American Law Institute. More particularly, recognition has progressed in Washington. Both Restatement and Annotations have had a wide sale here and our supreme court has cited the former in several recent decisions. During these three years our supreme court has adjudicated several hundred issues of contract law, eloquent evidence of the rapidity with which obsolescence attacks any volume of annotations which is not kept current. Since the Restatement can be most efficiently used only when all of the local decisions are readily accessible, it has appeared advisable to prepare this supplement. It is hoped that such current annotations may be published at shorter intervals of time in the future.

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