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A survey by this journal of briefs filed in the September term of court under this new subsection of Rule 16 indicates that while the purpose and effect of this rule are well understood and properly applied by the majority of appellants presenting briefs during the current term of the Supreme Court, a considerable number of brief writers did not employ this rule as properly and usefully in the interest of their clients and of the understanding of the court as might have been hoped. Some lawyers apparently did not make use of their opportunity to study the preliminary explanation of the rule, together with the examples and illustrations of its operation, brought to the attention of the bar in the January, 1938, issue of the Washington Law Review, to which article the clerk of the Supreme Court specifically directed attention in a footnote to subsection 4 of Rule 16 (193 Wash. 25-a) when the rules were officially published in the Washington Decisions on July 13, 1938.

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