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According to the law of averages, each of 2,575 lawyers admitted to practice in the state of Washington has 607 of the state's 1,563,393 inhabitants as a potential clientele. But if he restricts his activities to a particular locality, this theoretical "average" lawyer may have anywhere from 357 to 2,012 prospective clients, for if he makes his headquarters in King County he will share 463,517 inhabitants with 1,297 other lawyers, his quota being 357, while if he chooses to practice in Mason County he will be one of five lawyers in a county of 10,060 population, 2,012 of whom are presumably available to him as clients. Includes tables: "Comparison of Superior Court Business with Population and Number of Lawyers" and "Relative Numbers of Professional Men—Seattle, 1938" (comparing the number of various professions, including architects, accountants, clergymen, dentists, engineers, lawyers, and physicians in Seattle).

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