Washington Law Review


Richard B. Ott


As reported in your July issue of the State Bar Journal, the Legislative Committee, instead of maintaining a lobby in the ordinary sense at the legislative session, determined to have a representative at the legislative session, whose function it would be to advise the legislators the wishes of the bar as to certain measures. In addition, it was contemplated that the representative at the bar could create good will by assisting the members of the legislature in drafting bills or amendments and conferring with them on matters of procedure and rules. The committee was fortunate in having Mr. Richard B. Ott of Ritzville as its representative, by reason of his legislative experience, three terms in the legislature, during one of which he was acting Speaker of the House. Mr. Ott is eminently qualified for the position. Reports from legislators indicate that Mr. Ott's work was performed well and that excellent results were obtained. Here is his report.

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