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Washington Laws 1941, Chapter 149, provided for the appointment of a Statutory Code Committee consisting of the State Law Librarian, Mr. Mark H. Wight, the Law Librarian of the University of Washington, Dr. Arthur S. Beardsley, and the Executive Secretary of the Judicial Council, Mr. Alfred J. Schweppe, in collaboration with the publishers of the existing codes, (a) to determine upon and adopt a complete recompilation of the Laws of Washington, and (b) to adopt a uniform and perpetual system for the numbering of the sections thereof. Shortly after this Act was passed, and at the suggestion of the above Statutory Code Committee, the State Bar appointed the undersigned Advisory Committee to consider with the Statutory Committee all of the various proposals for recompilation and numbering. This Bar Committee considers this project of a proposed recompilation and perpetual numbering system as one of the most important matters currently before the Bar, both because it will do away with two different private codes in this state and result in a single compilation with uniform numbering, regardless of the number of publishers or differing annotations, and because it furnishes an opportunity to provide us with the best code we have ever had. Accepted and approved by the Washington State Bar Association at its annual meeting at Spokane on September 25, 1942.

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