Washington Law Review


Petitioner's husband, a structural steel worker, was drowned in the Snohomish river while employed by an engineering company engaged in dismantling a drawbridge which spanned the river. The company was a contributor to the Workmen's Compensation Fund of the State of Washington. A part of the task was to cut steel from the bridge and move it about 250 feet away for storage. The steel when cut from the bridge was lowered to a barge by derrick, and when loaded, the barge was to be towed by a tug, hauled by cable, or, if the current made it necessary, both towed and hauled to the storage point. Deceased had helped to cut some steel from the bridge and, at the time the accident, was working on a barge which was fastened to the bridge and which had not yet been completely loaded for its first carriage of steel to the place of storage. His duty appears to have been to examine the steel after it was lowered to the barge and, when necessary, to cut the pieces to proper lengths. From this barge he fell or was knocked into the stream in which his body was found. Can the Washington State Compensation Fund be applied to this type of work?

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