Washington Law Review


Ben C. Duniway


The title of this paper is "Legal Problems Relating to the OPA." [Office of Price Administration] Like most such titles, it was suggested before this paper was written. I then had in mind discussing certain contested issues which were of interest to me as an OPA lawyer, and which I assumed might also be of interest to you. However, as I began the review of statutes, orders, and decisions necessary for background, I became convinced that probably most practicing attorneys, busy as they must be with a multitude of matters unrelated to OPA, would find a collation and discussion of the basic legal foundation of OPA's powers, and their limits, more useful than a consideration of the difficult and interesting, but none the less peripheral, questions I had in mind. Accordingly, although I shall discuss certain of the more important questions still open, my main emphasis will be upon those basic sources which must be your starting point in advising clients as to their rights and obligations. If I were to attempt much more, I should be on this platform for a week instead of my allotted half hour. One of four papers delivered at the Legal Institute of the Seattle Bar Association held at the University of Washington Law School on April 7, 1944.

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