Washington Law Review


The Uniform Sales Act was enacted by the State of Washington at the extraordinary session of its legislature convened November 9, 1925, and adjourned January 7, 1926. Under constitutional provision 2 this law went into effect ninety days after the adjournment of the session at which it was enacted. The advantages of uniformity of legislation in matters pertaining to commercial subjects seems so obvious as to require but slight comment. In laws relating to commercial subjects, conditions and problems are rarely of a local nature, and in view of the great amount of trading which exists between the several states, it cannot help but add to the convenience and advantage of those engaged in commercial ventures that the laws so far as possible be the same. While there may be some slight inconvenience occasioned by the adjustment which accompanies any change of the law, the changes occasioned by reason of the adoption of the Uniform Acts are usually minor, and in the case of the Sales Act have to some extent been anticipated by the prior adoption of the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act, the Uniform Warehouse Receipts Act, and the Uniform Bills of Lading Act.

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