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Last year your Subcommittee on Practice and Procedure of Justices of the Peace and Inferior Courts, following the failure of the state Legislature to provide funds for a study, accepted the responsibility of making a report this year. Contact was immediately established with the local bar associations in the state and the prosecuting attorneys of the state. Most of the counties have from one to seven justices of the peace. Lincoln, Whitman, Okanogan, Lewis, Grant, Snohonish, and Yakima have eight to seventeen. Pierce County has twenty-one and King County fifty-three. Eighteen counties reported that there were no justices of the peace who are attorneys in their counties. The other counties reported from one to sixteen in their counties. Following this survey, reports and suggestions were requested from designated members of the bar in different parts of the state and reports were requested of the presidents of the bar associations in the states. From the reports received and the suggestions made, the following is being presented as a preliminary report and matters for legislative improvements now under discussion by your Committee. A complete report, with recommendations, will be made before the Legislature meets next January

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