Washington Law Review


Mr. President, members of the Association, here is the Spence Bill, forty-two pages of government control. Our report is on file, the report of a divided committee. It was printed. Maybe you have not read it. Perhaps for the reason suggested by the president this morning, the review may not have reached you in time. We might say, as another chairman did this morning, that we will rest our report and let it go at that, as a counsel might rest his case upon his brief. But as experienced counsel, we are all familiar with that sinking feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you fear that the court may not have read your brief, after all. Since the report may not be wholly familiar to all of you, I may therefore be permitted to paraphrase the more important parts of it, so that the matter will be fairly before you including those whose late arrival here may have prevented their reading the report.

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