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The resignation of Judson F. Falknor as Dean of the University of Washington Law School became effective July 31, 1951. Immediately thereafter he joined the faculty of the University of California Law School at Berkeley, California, where he will teach courses in Evidence and Procedure. Dean Falknor's departure, after fifteen years as head of the Law School, constitutes a real loss to both the school and the state of Washington. While we regret our loss, our regret is tempered by the fact that in leaving us Dean Falknor is following a carefully considered course of action. After so many years of labor in an administrative capacity, he has decided to round out his career by devoting his entire energies to teaching and research. While looking back on a decade and a half of happy association with our school, Dean Falknor looks forward to a less burdensome future in areas of legal education which he finds particularly congenial. We sincerely hope that his high expectations for personal satisfaction and happiness in his new work will be fully realized.

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