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P was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane. When his wife joined him in April, 1950, he took quarters outside the base. He told his friends that he intinded to make Spokane his permanent home. In July, 1950, he was sent overseas. His wife returned to Philadelphia, their domicile of origin. In November, 1950, P returned to Spokane, and, except for two trips to Philadelphia to visit his wife who refused to join him, remained in Spokane. He found work there after his discharge in November, 1951. In July, 1951, P commenced this action for a divorce. D claims that P has not been a "resident of the state for one year" under RCW 26.08.030 [Rem. Supp. 1949, § 997-3]. The trial court found that it had jurisdiction. Held: Affirmed. Sasse v. Sasse, 141 Wash. Dec. 338, 249 P. 2d 380 (1952)

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