Washington Law Review


The statistics, and the author's conclusions, make good bolstering material because they are as authoritative as it is possible to obtain. Mr. Roalfe has a fine reputation among lawyers and librarians as a law library oracle, partly because of this training and experience, and partly because he never seems to have an axe to grind. He will tell you where he stands personally, and then proceed to outline arguments on both sides of the question. In preparing this Survey, he has deviated from form only in limiting expression of personal opinion to the minimum which must creep into any author's summary of collected facts. The Survey covers specifically these types of law libraries: Law Office, Company, County, State, State Court, Federal Court, and Federal Departmental or Administrative Agency. School law libraries are omitted, but the material will be used as one of the best available bases of comparison for that class also, since facts about school libraries, originally intended for inclusion in the Survey of Legal Education, apparently has become lost in the confusion caused by an incomprehensible questionnaire.

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