Washington Law Review


The American Bar Association holds its fifty-first annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, July 25, 26, 27, 1928. This is the Semi-Centennial meeting of the Association and special preparations are being made to make the occasion notable, and it is therefore appropriate that the whole bar of Washington who have so courteously invited the National Association to Seattle this year, should know something about the organization, history and achievements of the largest and one of the oldest organizations of lawyers in the world. A considerable portion of the bar of Washington are already members of the National Association, and to them many of the things hereinafter stated are well known, but it is hoped that all reputable lawyers of the great state of Washington will be sufficiently interested in the affairs of the National Association, to join its ranks, and thereby assist in the important work which the future has in store for the advancement of the profession and the welfare of the Nation.

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